Hi & welcome to agorafauxbia.com!

agorafauxbia.com is a series of personal journal entries which illuminate the private to public development of my faux queen drag persona Agorafaux. It will also feature some information about Faux Queens and display a variety of drag costume and make design concepts.

Dressing in female drag is something I’ve previously only done behind closed doors. But now, thanks to the magic of the interweb, my faux queen can finally find her way into real (albeit cyber) world!

Most excitingly, this site is an ongoing, interactive web-based installation which you can be part of!

I heartily invite you to interact with the blog by posting your comments, ideas, reactions and stories. I might help you out from time to time with some discussion starters. Please ensure you carefully read the terms and conditions before posting.

The first few blog entries made on this site will back track a little – in an attempt to locate Agorafaux (that is, to uncover and explain the circumstances which led to her arrival).

Some of the other topics I may be covering include:

Imaginative play when you’re an adult

Telling your private stories on the interweb

Faux Queens in double drag

Notions of transformation in drag makeup and costume

And many more….



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