One of my favourite colloquialisms to share with new friends from other parts of the world is that great Australian expression BOGAN. Especially imparting ways of using it such as,

“Yeah nah that’s a bit bogan”; “Shut up ya stupid bogan”; “What a massive bogan”; “That place has gone all bogan”; “Nobody likes a bogan”; “Upper-middle class bogan”; “Cashed-up bogan”; and recently topical, “The PM’s staying in Rooty Hill? HAHA what a bogan…”. 

Recently in an interview with Texas Faux Queen Brandi Amara Skyy I asked something along the lines of, “Have you ever heard the word Bogan before?” Looking confused she said, “No?” and I was thrilled to share our word we use to describe everyone and everything, usually with the exception of oneself and present company. For example, one might think, “everyone is a bogan but me!”  Or if meeting with a friend say, “Oh my god we are the only non-bogans here”.

The reality of the matter is that everyone is, at least, a little bit bogan. Whether it is that you finally gave in and bought a Nespresso machine, or you quickly ran into the shops in your Ugg boots, or you once thought about threatening a dodgy tradesperson with a Today Tonight investigation; everyone is, at least, a little bit bogan.

For a personal example, I spent Christmas Eve 2012 in my togs (that’s bathing costume for those who don’t know), laying on a red flaming skull slip and slide in the back yard, drinking a beer, and eating chips. I suffered one large purple bruise from slipping and sliding over the reticulated sprinkler system. I might be getting a PhD, but that doesn’t stop be from being a little bit (or a lot) bogan.

The reason I was asking Brandi if she was familiar with Bogan was so I could begin to describe a work in progress character that will feature in Faux Play alongside Lady Grey and Ana Woolizzia. This character’s working title is Night Night Trashy and if you click over to the Concepts Page she appears in a photo gallery.

I feel like I have been flooded with images of bogan parody since I was a little girl and I remember people in my family proudly discussing how Australians don’t mind making fun of themselves. In the 80s and early 90s my family watched Fast Forward, Full Frontal and The Comedy Company with memorable sketches such as Kylie Moll, The Uglies, Michelle & Ferret, Lynne & Carmel, Janelle’s Beauty Spot, and Story-time with Poida. When I was a teenager in the early 2000s ABC blessed us with the insatiable Kath & Kim and I suddenly realised how much my mother, auntie, sister and I remark that things are “nice, different and unusual”  when shopping.

I’ve always loved this kind of comedy, perhaps because I feel like it reflects aspects of my family life. Looking back on some Youtube clips now I can honestly say that some of the characters feel like caricatures of my close relatives and friends, and I am without a doubt “The Kim”.

Night-Night Trashy (working title) might be my manifestation of “The Kim” and others as an exaggerated drag character. In an upcoming post I’ll let her introduce herself.

In the meantime why not take a walk down bogan parody memory lane, or introduce yourself to a whole new world of pant-wetting comedy by viewing these clips:

Kath & Kim T-bars & Snap-crotch Teddies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeqNEFJ9RiU

Story-time with Poida  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suVxmPpyR9s

Michelle & Ferret and Lynne & Carmel (plus a little bit of Good Morning Moscow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fih9xKhFxmY


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