Agorafauxbia’s Survival Guide to The Internet


Ok so not too long ago I was imploding about my first screen production for this website where I perform in drag as Agorafauxbia. As you know I had been preparing some characters and costumes but I felt increasingly like they lacked any substance.

I sat down with a rather creative and funny friend to come up with a piece which might reflect some of the concerns, tensions or issues I’ve raised in my blog over the last 6 months. What emerged from these sessions was “Survival”. It is the fictional story of Agorafauxbia and her little green buddy Toado. Agora & Toado are uploaded onto the internet: a strange world where they find a message from The Interhoff (internet David Hasslehoff of course) who warns them that if they do not learn the secret of survival they will fade away from memory forever. Agora & Toado must follow the ethernet rope to find The Interhoff and learn from him the secret of internet survival! On their quest they meet the LOL cats (Surly Cat & Science Cat) who help them fight off Keyboard Warriors and travel with them to find the groovy and powerful Interhoff.

The piece is deliberately tongue in cheek fun. I’m using pop culture references, a DIY green screen, music and jokes to hold you with me while I try to say something about the importance we place on “likes” when we post images of ourselves on social media. At the core, the piece is about how our internet images are the result of an iterative popularity contest that, in the age of web 2.0, we subject ourselves to daily. We edit and cut our images based on how many “likes” we receive. We delete unpopular versions of ourselves and upload more and more of those photos which experience has told us will get a positive response from friends, family and even total strangers. Further, the piece is inspired by, and reflective of, some of the anxiety I feel about Each time I upload a new image or clip, I wonder if anyone other than me actually sees it. Does exist if it only has a few hits or a few likes? Will anyone remember it in 10 years’ time? Is my website and my drag persona a ‘tree falling in the woods’ situation? Is my drag persona still as private on the internet as she was in my bedroom with the door closed all those months ago?

Costume design, script writing and all other prep is now complete for “Survival”. We have filmed and I’ve already uploaded a quick trailer on the “screen work” page. The full clip will be uploaded this week for your viewing pleasure.

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