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Here I am in beautiful San Francisco at a fantastic time of year to visit. The weather has been simply gorgeous, aside from some makeup melting heat yesterday which left fringes sticking to foreheads in that most undesirable of ways.

I’m still fighting jet lag, but I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY since hoping off the plane.

The two faux queens behind this year’s pageant (Bea Dazzler & L Ron Hubby) took me on a whirlwind tour of San Francisco while sticking up flyers to promote the pageant all around town. We ventured to the Mission, the Castro and a few other places that I have completely forgotten now. I learned where to buy my supply of eyelashes and given the hot weather, there were even some celebrations of nakedity on Castro Street. Tanned young things (and older too) could be seen strolling down the street with his bejingle sheathed by sequined tube.  We don’t really get to see stuff like that in Perth outside of the annual fringe festival.

Today’s heat was a little milder and meant perfect conditions for my first interview in the USA. The spectacular Krista Smith (aka Kentucky Fried Woman) ventured all the way from Oakland to see moi! How lovely! Thanks Krista, you’re awesome!

Among other more heavy topics, we chatted about her background in performance and the manner in which she was introduced to the drag scene. It was wonderful to interview someone so very passionate about performance as an art form which can actively influence opinion and normative culture.

Krista has recently been working with a group of performers on a piece which explores the intersections between race, class, gender & sexuality called White Lies.


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