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Other than my skin crisis (which is that I got a little sunburn and my pasty Scottish face skin has dried up like a lizard and broke out in acne), I am doing very nicely thank you!

Today was pretty chilled out with some laid back preparations for the faux queen pageant this morning, including a brief lighting plan and putting the finishing touches on the princess platform. I hummed softly through my song, careful not to seriously bother Bea Dazzler’s neighbours or have her bird join in with me. All I have left to do now is practice my song a few times, buy an incredible Patsy Stone style beehive wig and get some suitable eyelashes. In the city of false eyelashes, I am yet to come across ones big and fancy enough for my face. Hmmmm

In the afternoon I ventured to Delores Park in The Mission for my interview with Monique Jenkinson (Fauxnique); I also finally managed to get my vegan ice-cream from the place which is known to be the best in the city. I just have to say that we must have FANTASTIC ice-cream in Australia, because what I had today was very very delicious, but it was just like ice-cream at home, including vegan choices. :) Let it be known that we are lucky ice-cream lickers in Aus!!

Anyway, I had an amazing chat with Monqiue, which lasted about 2 hrs. It was so fantastic to hear about her inspired performance work and I particularly enjoyed hearing about a workshop she participated in recently where the performative codes of masculinity were broken down systematically and taught to various performing bodies. SO INTERESTING!

Today the American flags flew at half mast across the city as the USA commemorates the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. acknowledges this significant anniversary with deep respect and sadness.







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