Rewind… Let’s Catch up!

My trip to San Francisco has come to an end, and it was so extremely busy that I haven’t had a chance to update my blog until now.

I flew out of San Francisco on Sunday and over the next few days I’ll give you all a catch up on my experiences in the city which gave birth to the Faux Queen.

I left off with 3 days to go until the pageant and an interview with Monique Jenkinson… soooo much has happened since then. So let’s rewind back in time to Thursday 12th of September!

On Thursday, with 2 days left until pageant day, I went on a mission to find my beehive wig and some big old drag queen eyelashes. In my attempts to avoid the Tenderloin, I ended up at Haight-Ashbury searching through the vintage stores and Piedmont Boutique. I found the trashy blonde beehive I wanted, not as big as I had in mind, but I make do… I also chanced upon some cute 1950s styled clothes in Buffalo Exchange which I purchased in anticipation to perform at SomeThing Cosmic (a weekly drag show at The Stud Bar).

I had been so busy during the week that I barely had a chance to rehearse my song for the Faux Queen Pageant. In addition, Bea Dazzler had managed to organise a spot for me to perform at SomeThing the following week. I contacted Krista Smith (Kentucky Fried Woman) who agreed to perform with me, and we were busily organising what to do.

On Friday 13th September, with one more sleep until the pageant, I interviewed Marilynn Fowler, a contestant in and 1st runner up at the very first Faux Queen Pageant. She bought along with her an amazing album of photos from the first pageant, as well as a wealth of stories and experiences.

In the evening, Bea Dazzler took me along to SomeThing so that we could promote the pageant. We saw the 11pm show, which was fabulous, and then made a very impromptu announcement about the pageant, encouraging the audience to come along. I was privileged to meet VivvyAnne Forevermore and Mr David Glamamore, who generously gave me a spot in the following week’s show.

It was one more sleep until the pageant, my voice was suffering little from screaming inside the night club, but an early night was relatively achieved and I would wake up next morning to one of the busiest and greatest days of my life.

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