The Faux Queen Pageant Part 1

The next step in my catch up blogs is the absolutely incredible Faux Queen Pageant on 14th of September 2013.

It was such a HUGE day, so I’m splitting my story up into a series of entries.

I woke up on Saturday morning, after an anxiety dream where I forgot all the words to my song! It was the day of the faux queen pageant and we were about to start what would be a crazy rushed race to 8pm when the house lights went down and the first queen stepped onstage.

I had brunch with Texas based Faux Queen Brandi Amara Skyy and Bea Dazzler (my great SF guide). Then we raced around town buying last minute items for the night such as cherry pie for the pie eating contest,  pumpkin trick or treat baskets to collect the tips and little book lights for the judging panel.

We made our way back to Bea Dazzler’s apartment which quickly turned into a Faux Queen Sweat Shop. Brandi was preparing the judges folders with criteria and programs; Bea Dazzler was multi-tasking like a boss, ringing and emailing all those to whom she had delegated jobs; The Spangled Emperor was constructing the winners crown and covering it in rhinestones, and Agorafauxbia was steaming her costumes which had spent a 16 hour flight in vacuum packs, and typing emails for Bea Dazzler as she dictated.

Time was ticking away so I abandoned the Faux Queen Sweat Shop for my hotel room at about 2pm where I started to get myself ready for the pageant.

Check out this super sped up video of me getting my face on for The Faux Queen Pageant. This is about 90mins of makeup application squashed into 3mins!

***This video will be back up soon… just making a change to the music.***

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