Fembots @ Something and Leaving San Francisco

I continued through the busy week conducting interviews each day and rehearsing for SomeThing.

All interviews conducted during my visit to San Francisco will be complied together in the coming months to create a web-based documentary series titled WerqSF, about faux drag and queerness in San Francisco, using the Faux Queen Pageant as its backdrop. Interviews were averaging 2.5hrs each and participants discussed topics such as their motivations for entering the drag world, the intersectionality between their everyday self and their faux queen self, and the way they define and experience a sense of queerness in San Francisco.

On Friday night I met with Krista and we eventually made our way to SomeThing; dressed and ready to serve our Fembot secretaries to the building crowd. I got a special surprise that night as I waited backstage. Producer of SomeThing Mr David Glamamore opened the curtain and asked if I knew Bob Downe. I said, “Well yes of course I know him from TV, but not in person or anything”. Mr David, with a sly smile, told me Bob Downe (a famous Australian Comedian who appears occasionally in my favourite TV show Kath and Kim) was sitting at the bar. I screamed in an embarrassing way and was lead towards an idol of my childhood! So exciting! My drag collaborators tore me away from the bar, where I was acting a little star struck, and pushed me back stage not long before it was our turn to perform.

Bob Downe & Agorafauxbia

Bob Downe & Agorafauxbia

We got through our number, not without some mistakes and fiddling about… But I’ll defend us here by saying that we threw the whole thing together in 3 hours. We had so much fun and there were plenty of positive responses from the audience. Bea Dazzler was kind enough to film this and I’ll add it to the screen work page once I’m back in Australia. I also have to add that this performance featured the debut of The Spangled Emperor, Perth’s first Faux King!

During my whirlwind visit to San Francisco I was thrilled to meet some fantastic people who were open and honest with me, regardless of the very public intentions I have for their interview data. Unfortunately I had to cancel 3 interviews on the final day, due to poor weather conditions and the immense exhaustion that finally caught up with me.

That brings us to the end of my San Francisco journey, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I wish that I could spend more time there and be involved with the community, but alas I am Australian. Bea Dazzler has had some excellent ideas of how I can perform using pre-recorded screen work and live interactions. I’m looking forward to our collaborations and keeping my face in San Francisco!

Thank you to everyone who made my visit so amazing! Especially Bea Dazzler & Kentucky Fried Woman who went out of their way to help me and make me feel welcome! You are incredible!

Vivvy-Anne Forevermore, Agorafauxbia & Kentucky Fried Woman at Something Cosmic

Vivvy-Anne Forevermore, Agorafauxbia & Kentucky Fried Woman at Something Cosmic

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