WerqSF You better watch!

Ok yes, that’s a terrible pun.

Please take a look at my new web series WerqSF. It’s even got it’s own page and everything!

A cannot be more grateful to the fabulous people who helped me to put this series together. Thank you so much to my wonderful interview subjects: Bea Dazzler, Ruby Toosday, Vesper Synd, Cara Couture, Frida K Hole, Kentucky Fried Woman, L Ron Hubby, Fauxnique, Marilyn Fowler and Princess Cream Pie!

Unfortunately, San Francisco turned on all it’s Eurovision style wind machines and made some of the sound recordings completely unusable. I’m very sorry to those whose interviews were attacked by windiness and were not able to be used in the series. Rest assured I was still able to transcribe your words and will use them in my publications, my play script and my thesis document.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Andrew Losh of Strange Productions (spectacular partner to Hazzard Strange). Andrew’s images from The 2013 Faux Queen Pageant are really something special and I’m so happy to use them in WerqSF. Further, many of the queens interviewed sent me additional images; the photographers are acknowledged in the clips and I extend my appreciation to them also.

Who could forget the forever loyal Spangled Emperor (also know as Lockie and “The Boyfriend”) who traveled with me to San Francisco and managed camera work for all interviews. You know a person really loves you when they agree to fly half way around the world to dress up as a white horse in hot pants and carry faux queens around on princess platforms.

Thank you also to those who volunteered to be involved, but due to bad weather and other constraints were unable to participate at this time.

Click Click Click your way over to WerqSF on the menu bar and enjoy les reines de la faux.




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