Thoughts on using movie parody

Now that Werq SF is complete and I am staggering release of the episodes on this site, I’m beginning to focus on my other major creative work (Agorafaux-pas) and drafting my exegetical document.

At this point in time, I am drafting Agorafaux-pas as a drag cabaret inspired play script. There are several sections which try to creatively explore some of the key issues of my research like how do straight and queer identity intersect in drag performances by cis-women with male romantic partners. Or how do faux queens and drag queens engage in performative transactions and exchanges in their theatrical presentations.

These are tricky things to write about academically, but I’m finding them much more difficult to express and negotiate in a way which is entertaining and not entirely written language based.

In exploring performative transactions and exchange between faux queens and drag queens, I’ve thought of using pop-culture scripts to represent this relationship in a humorous way. One of my ideas has been to parody Interview with The Vampire. If you watch the theatrical trailer for this movie, and imagine the vampires are actually drag queens teaching cis-women to be drag queens themselves, it kind of works.

I’ve also considered doing a similar thing with the Matrix.

I don’t agree that thinking about the relationship between faux queens and drag queens is exactly like vampires. Certainly you could read that negatively as suggesting drag queens are some sort of non-human monster. That’s not what I’m going for, but I like the idea of drag queen as mentor, which is the role of LeStat in Interview with The Vampire, as well as the notion that faux queens are imbued with something “different” or “special” by drag queens.

A parody of The Matrix could function as a more symbiotic type of relationship where the wool is pulled over our eyes until reality is revealed. In that scenario faux queens might also have agency in the production of their drag and camp, not simple seen appropriating drag queen styles.


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