Working Title: Agorafaux-pas

Last week I nervously went along to a meeting at The University of Maryand Women’s Studies Department to politely ask if they would think about supporting a drag cabaret inspired play I have written, tentatively titled Agorafaux-pas.

I am so grateful and excited that the department are happy to support my show and we are likely to present it in late November or early December of this year.

What is Agorafaux-pas? What is it about? Why should be you audition? Why should you come see it?

The work playfully narrates the mostly true story of my research journey as Agorafauxbia – a straight identified faux queen whose identity is altered as she becomes involved in queer culture. The narrative for Agorafaux-pas draws creatively upon personal stories as well as ethnographic data collected from in-depth interview with other faux queens. While I will be writing a complete script before the rehearsal process, I would like cast members to collaborate on the content we present and plan to leave the script open to changes.

The overarching theme of Agorafaux-pas is an exploration of questions and concerns which emerge when women do female drag (particularly straight identified women). The show raises and addresses broad themes about identity and performing gender which will appeal to those interested in feminist and queer issues and theory. Additionally, the work promotes a transnational understanding of themes, by incorporating both Australian and American perspectives and experiences.

I am really looking forward to casting the show and collaborating with my performance ensemble to take the script to the next level. I can do good work on my own but I always feel like the work I do with other people is so much more rich and satisfying. By December we will have a campy hilarious show with transgressive potential. We will be able to share some history of faux queens, and engage our audience in all of the questions and concerns I have navigated over the past three years. Many of those issues have been raised in this blog, and the play is a chance to address them creatively.


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