It’s only a few weeks away, so The Spangled Emperor and I are spending all of our spare time getting prepared. Another big difference for this years’ pageant is that I can’t really take much time out of my work day to prepare. I’m busy with preparations for Agorafaux-pas, drafting my thesis, and putting together a journal article. This year all pageant prep is relegated to the weekends and evenings. Also, last year I lived in a 3 bedroom home with 2 work sheds to make a mess in. I now live in a tiny studio apartment with no outdoor space for spray painting or other potentially furniture damaging activities. Scaling my ideas back to “doable” in the time frame and work space available has been challenging…. But we are getting there!

This weekend we crafted all of the props and choreographed about 3/4 of the number for the backup dancers, using a 7 foot Chewbacca cut out in place of me. (Thanks to my Maryland friends for lending me your beloved Chewy).

Not to give too much away, but we had duct tape, pool noodles, super soakers, mini torches, craft scalpel, glue, waste paper baskets, elastic, cardboard, metallic pens, and some fabulous thrift store finds. I’m not entirely certain on how everything is going to pack down for the trip to San Francisco…

I’ve ordered 300 Swarovski crystals online so this weekend will be a mad be-spangling event!

The Spangled Emperor is also my partner Lockie, and his name is linked to our experiences at last years’ pageant with Bea Dazzler (producer of The Faux Queen Pageant). Last year while in San Francisco, we both spent time with Bea Dazzler doing some odd jobs leading up to the pageant. Lockie was left in charge of hot fixing Swarovski rhinestones to the winners’ crown, a process which he called “Spangling” rather than “be-dazzling”. After much discussion with Bea Dazzler about the name “The Spangler”, he insisted on “The Spangled Emperor”, which is a reef dwelling fish common in Australian waters.

The Spangled Emperor plays an integral role in Agorafauxbia’s faux queen pageant talent number this year.

Find out more about the pageant on their website:

Cara Couture & Bea Dazzler (Image by Korey Luna)


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