Wow! I cannot believe it has been an entire year since I went to the 2013 Faux Queen Pageant and came third last. Yes, third last my friends.

Last year I was completely blown away by the huge production numbers that faux queens had prepared for this show. I knew as soon as I saw Vesper Synd practicing with her sword wielding back up dancers, I was done for.

After the pageant, I interviewed a number of people involved, some of whom reported to me that the caliber of performance and spectacle had taken a huge step up at the 2013 pageant. These girls seemed on a mission to prove that faux queens can serve it up as good as any other drag performer. I can honestly say that it was one of the most fantastic shows I have ever seen, and certainly the best I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in. The whole night was a credit to producer Bea Dazzler, stage manager Cameron Eng, and their amazing team of volunteers.

This year the pageant has three returning contestants from 2013: Vesper Synd, Hazzard Strange and me. I’m so thrilled to see these ladies again and I know they are going to have amazing talent numbers! I will also have the pleasure of performing alongside seven first time contestants, and I’m really excited to see what new and interesting drag they will bring.

FQP_agorafauxbiaI have tried to step things up this year, and taken on advice from all the amazing folk I met last year. Now that I live much closer to San Francisco, I can actually take a huge suitcase dedicated entirely to costumes and props!

The Spangled Emperor and I are practicing at every spare moment. I think I can confidently say he is the only man in Washington DC going to Aussie Rules Football training and then driving home to practice a dance routine for the San Francisco Faux Queen Pageant. I’m also very very lucky to have the current reigning Mr Drag King San Francisco performing in my number as well. Woo hoo!

Here’s hoping that my luggage isn’t lost by the airline!

And onward to The 2014 Faux Queen Pageant!!!!!10606001_10152755193913969_131568531601146889_n

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