After Agorafaux-pas

Well 2014 is done and dusted and so is the December run of Agorafaux-pas at The University of Maryland.

The two sold out performances were the culmination of an iterative process over three years involving literature review, blogging, autoethnography, field work, interviews, other short performances, drafting, feedback, redrafting and finally rehearsing, editing and performing. For me it marks a significant milestone in my research journey towards PhD, as well as my personal and professional goals as an artist.

I’m very proud of what was achieved through Agorafaux-pas and in the days following our performances I was overwhelmed by the kind words offered by those who attended as audience. I hope you all were able to take something positive and thought provoking away from our show.

I’d like to acknowledge my wonderful cast and crew who worked so hard during what was a very busy time for us all. As with any creative process, we endured very stressful moments, but ultimately we were able to produce something which I believe was special and necessary among the changing terrain of drag performance.

I look forward to sharing the professionally filmed footage of the show in full here on in the very near future.

A special thanks to UMD Women’s Studies for your generous in-kind contributions to the production of Agorafaux-pas, Curtin University for financially supporting the show through the Research Performance Index Grant Program and HDR Consumables funding, my supervisors at Curtin University and host-supervisor at UMD, and Bea Dazzler who opened the door to San Francisco’s faux queen community to me in 2013.

Happy new year!

Stephen Blodgett, #Ivantit, Cass Masualty, The Spangled Emperor & Agorafauxbia.

Stephen Blodgett, #Ivantit, Cass Masualty, The Spangled Emperor & Agorafauxbia.


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